Baltimore Zumba – A Fitness Program That Makes You The Priority!

ZUMBA® AND STRONG BY ZUMBA™ & Youth Hip Hop Fusion!!

I’m Kalindi and I created Baltimore Zumba to remind the world that fitness can and should be a place of happiness for all.  Come see where Columbia, Ellicott City and Catonsville go to get their Zumba ON!!  Join class where you leave your worries behind and enter a place where the focus is all about YOU!

Strong by Zumba with Baltimore Fitness

Zumba with Baltimore Fitness

3 Fantastic Programs!

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Both of these programs will help get you in shape while having the time of your life!  The first thing to understand is that Zumba is for everyone, beginning, intermediate and advanced.  There is no experience required!   At Baltimore Zumba we have students of all ages, shapes and sizes in class and no one walks away with a feeling of “I can’t do this”.  The focus is on fitness and fun.

Strong by Zumba™

WORK EVERY MUSCLE!  Strong by Zumba™ is a High Intensity Interval Training Program designed to use your own body weight to build muscle endurance, tone and definition.  FEEL THE AFTERBURN!  The high intensity intervals will get your body burning calories long after your workout.  GET STRONGER FASTER!  We help you get past your plateaus and achieve more ambitious fitness goals.

Come in for a FREE trial class of Strong by Zumba or Zumba Dance Fitness TODAY!!!  Register and drop in at any Columbia or Ellicott City class today.**

Zumba Fitness®

Zumba Fitness® is Dance Fitness at it’s best!  We use easy to follow routines that will get your heart racing.  Classes are filled with vibrant Latin music, pulsating Bollywood beats and exotic international rhythms that will make you wonder where the time went.  Zumba is for everyone… no experience needed!  Bring your Energy, Enthusiasm, and Your Smile!

Come to class and take that first step to investing in yourself.  This is the key to success.  Once you begin the journey, we are all there to support you.

Youth Hip Hop Fusion

You are not the only one that wants to get moving.  Help the youth in your life get shakin’ to the beat!  Partnering with Catonsville Rec &  Park, we now offer Youth Hip Hop Fusion to help kids get in shape and in love with fitness!  Starting as young as 7 years old, and no prior dance experience required; our classes combine the cool moves all the kids are doing today with a hint of Bollywood and other international rhythms!  Separated by beginner and intermediate sessions, children will remain in comfortable environments where they can explore the world of dance and gain confidence and self discipline.

Baltimore Zumba is now in Columbia, Ellicott City and Catonsville! Register Here!

Give it a shot… you have nothing to lose but inches!

Every day is a step… in which direction is up to you.

Zumba Love,